While on a trip to Europe, Arlene La Marca discovered a little cart on the streets of London.  This cart served the most delectable treats… Treats made of crepes.  Being of French heritage, she knew right away that she wanted to bring this type of dessert cuisine back to the states. Once she returned to the US, Arlene and her son began to dream of a little cart of their own. So with the help of her son Alex, and months of  research and planning, Crepes a La Cart was born. Established in 1998, Breckenridge Colorado is the first home of Crepes a La Cart. The cart has become a staple in downtown Breckenridge and is a favorite among the locals and tourists.

Crepes originated in France, the home of gourmet cuisine.  They are very thin pancakes.  The word “Crepe” comes from the Latin word “Crispus”, meaning crisp.  Crepes are similar to what we call wraps, except that they are moister, lighter, crispier, tastier, made fresh and served warm.  The secret to Crepes A La Carte’s success is in the batter.  A “Secret Recipe” developed over many many months of trials and tastings.  We serve savory, sweet, and breakfast crepes.  Crepes are versatile and healthy, a handheld meal any time of the day. The secret isn’t only in the batter, the secret’s in the sauce too. Crepes a La Cart makes most of the sauces from scratch, to give a one of a kind flavor not found anywhere else.

If you’re ever in downtown Breckenridge, stop by the cart and try a crepe. Come sit by the fire pit and stay warm while you wait. We’ll call your name when it’s done. We usually hear the same thing from our new customers once they have taken the first bite of their crepe, they usually say, “It was worth the wait”.