Breakfast Crepes

American ClassicBacon, egg, with cheddar cheese

Vermont Crepe100% pure Vermont maple syrup & powdered sugar

Crepe ComfitYour choice of strawberry, raspberry, or apricot jams

Chèvre ComfitGoat cheese, with your choice of strawberry, raspberry, or apricot jams

Blueberry Muffin CrepeBlueberries with butter, angel food cake, streusel crumbles, heavy cream & a sprinkle of powdered sugar

B.E.S.T CrepeBacon and egg with spinach & tomatoes

Crepe BenedictSwiss cheese with ham, egg & hollandaise sauce  

The Garden BreckfastSpinach with egg, mushrooms, tomato, onion,and red bell pepper  

The Summit BreckfastA jumbo fried egg with roast beef, bacon, mushrooms and hollandaise sauce

Gluten Free Crepe Batter Available

*Gluten cross-contamination warning!! We use separate ladles and crepe rakes, however, we do not have separate cooking surfaces.