Sweet Crepes

Crêpe Suzette - Butter, sugar, & Orange liquor

Butter & Sugar -Add cinnamon, lemon, or caramel

Lemon Soufflé-Butter, sugar, lemon with our Chantilly cream

Strawberry Short Cake-Fresh strawberries, angel food cake & Chantilly cream

Gateau St. Honoree-Butter, sugar, cinnamon, with angel food cake, caramel & Grand Marnier

Cheese Cake Crepe-Cream cheese, brown sugar, graham cracker, & Chantilly cream

German Apple Strudel-Fresh apple slices with cinnamon, caramel, raisins, and streusel crumbles

Crepe a la Brie & Apple-Brie, apple, toasted almonds, and honey

Bananas Foster-Banana flambéed in butter, brown sugar, rum & Chantilly cream

French Twist-Strawberries, bananas, Frangelico, and Chantilly cream

Fruit Crepe-Your choice of a fruit from our selection *Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Bananas & Apples

Fruit & Chocolate Crepe-Your choice of a fruit & a chocolate from our selection

Nutella Crepe-Nutella milk chocolate hazelnut spread

Chocolate Crepe-Your choice of milk chocolate or white chocolate

Smores-Milk chocolate chips, graham crackers, & marshmallows

Raspberry Chocolate Cream-Dark chocolate chips with Raspberries & heavy cream

Blue Lagoon-Blueberries with Nutella, Brown Sugar, & Bailey’s Irish Cream

Berry Swirl-A mix of white and dark chocolate chips with raspberries, & blueberries

Strawberry Romanoff-Milk chocolate, strawberries, & Grand Marnier

Chocolate Dream-Milk chocolate chips, bananas, pecans, coconut, & heavy cream

Funky French Monkey-Milk chocolate chips, peanut butter, & bananas

                               Make any Sweet Crepe A la Mode!

Turtle Sunday-Milk chocolate, pecans, caramel,vanilla ice cream

Banana Split-Nutella, bananas, walnuts, caramel, vanilla ice cream, & whipped cream

Sunday Royal-Milk chocolate with fresh cut strawberries, walnuts, vanilla ice cream, caramel & whipped cream

A la Mode comes with a Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream

*Gluten Free Crepe Batter Available

*Gluten cross-contamination warning!! We use separate ladles and crepe rakes, however, we do not have separate cooking surfaces.